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Norseman Yachts commenced its operation in the USA since 1979. It has rich heritage, and developed some of the finest custom yachts. Over the past few decades, with hundreds of satisfied owners of Norseman cruising the world, Norseman Yachts continue its pursuit of excellence in design, engineering and construction of the finest ocean-going vessels.

From the past sail boats to the new motor yachts, they all are beautiful examples of Norseman yachts. Some of the older sail boats are still in excellent conditions, maintained great market value*, and are living evidences of our quality construction.

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Brand advantage

  • National high-tech enterprises

  • Design talent gathering place

  • Famous international brand enterprises

  • Ten major brands of yachts in Zhongshan

  • Strong business system

  • Quality after-sales service

Product Center

S90 & GP90 F600 SL950 F500 SUV400
S90 & GP90 F600 SL950 F500 SUV400
Yacht is an advanced durable consumer goods for water entertainment. It integrates navigation, sports, entertainment, leisure and other functions in one, to meet the needs of individuals and families to enjoy life. Yachts are a form of entertainment that distinguishes them from high-speed boats and tourist boats. Yachts will be the next generation of durable consumer goods entering the family, just like cars.

News and information

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    On April 13, the 19th China International Ships and Their Technological Equipment Exhibition and the 2014 China (Shanghai) International Yacht Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai International Yacht Exhibition), which enjoyed th...

  • Some banks are planning to push yacht loans.

    The Sixth China Dalian international yacht exhibition opened yesterday in Dalian Xinghai Bay Yacht Harbor. Last year, the high-end yacht market was generally cold, but the economic yachts of less than $1 million or $5.6 million began to cat...

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  • People's Republic of China yacht safety regulation

    Yacht safety regulations Peoples Republic of China Ministry of transport order No. seventh 2008 The Regulations on Safety Management of Yachts were adopted by the 8th Ministerial Conference on 8 July 2008 and are now promulgated and will co...

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